- Feb 19, 2014
In this day and age, there are a thousand different ways to brew coffee, but here you'll find a manageable number of interesting solutions to broaden one's perspective on the caffeinated beverage. While instant coffee and individual cup machines have seen a surge in recent years to the delight of the time-crunched, lazy consumer, several designers are reverting back to more archaic traditions to make pots or individual cups.

Making the concept of brewing coffee into something of a ritual, these interesting ways to brew coffee vary in effectiveness to create the optimal cup that's either super strong or just mild enough to suit individualistic preferences. So, as the process of brewing coffee becomes more 'techified,' are these more niche ways to brew coffee complex enough to draw in your attention or will it be back to the Keurig when you're craving a caffeine fix?

From Wood Block Brewers to Technological Coffee Brewing: