The Rocket Fuel Coffee Drip Embodies this Notion of an Energy Jolt

 - Jan 31, 2014
References: gamago
The feeling that you get once you have consumed your morning caffeine hit is well represented by the Rocket Fuel Coffee Drip. This playful product functions as a basic funnel and accommodates a standard #2 size paper coffee filter; however, lighthearted liberties were taken when it came to designing the object.

The inside of the GAMAGO product is nice and smooth, but the outside has been molded to take the form of the base of a rocket ship. It has four fins protruding from it that stably mount the rim of your coffee mug; meanwhile, where one would expect to see a fiery explosion at launch time, the Rocket Fuel Coffee Drip dispenses the freshly brewed beverage. This is the low-tech coffee maker for the kid inside of you.