Roots Coffee Lets Tasters Live the Dream of Personalized Memorabilia

 - Sep 18, 2011
References: jt-roots & japantrends
If you've ever wanted to be featured prominently on baseball memorabilia, pick up a JT Roots coffee and check out the brand's newest advertising scheme, which will plaster your handsome mug on collectible cards.

In an attempt to appeal to regular, middle-aged men, the famous canned coffee company revealed its fictitious baseball team, The Roots. Ignoring its similarity to the stellar hip-hop collective, this ball team is made entirely of "real men": Construction workers, delivery men, welders and miners. The new ad campaign from JT Roots allows drinkers to visit its website, snap a photo of themselves and join the team of Everymen.

The baseball cards include your playing statistics, salary and speciality. In the hopes of expanding its clout, JT Roots helps users link their Facebook and Twitter profiles directly to their imaginary, albeit impressive baseball profile.