The ROK Espresso Machine Lets You Customize Your Coffee

 - Feb 6, 2014
References: rokkitchentools
ROK espresso machine brings you high quality espresso at home with this beautiful and intelligent design. The ROK espresso machine allows you to choose your own coffee, grind and shot size, so your espresso experience become ever more personal.

The ROK espresso machine is hand powered and uses the pressure you create to draw the best tasting espresso you could ever want. The polished aluminium handles on the ROK espresso machine look gorgeous as you drive them down to activate the finely tuned gearing system pulling a great shot every time. The ROK espresso machine has put the intimacy (that's been lost by pushing a button) back into the romance that is enjoying espresso.

The ROK espresso machine is excellent for a whole bunch of reasons. Firstly, The ROK espresso machine will save you a ton of money. You don't have to commit to any of the pods used by the ROK espresso machine's competitors.