The UFO Light is a Compact and Efficient Illuminating Object

 - Jun 2, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
A means to create the greatest emission of illumination for the smallest surface area is achieved in the UFO Light, making it an ideal accessory for overnight trips outdoors.

The Valeria Salvo invention packs up extremely tight and charges quickly on the go. It operates on the principles of florescent pigments embedded within the expandable netting of the unconventional flashlight, activated by a system of LEDs.

When latched shut, the double disk contraption juices up the lamp and its indicator delivers a bright white glow when it's fully charged. The user then knows when he can separate the top from the bottom, gradually pulling the UFO Light into a tall tubular fixture. This expanding surface area casts a rays across campsites and within tents. A loop on top even enables it to be tied up to a tree or the inside of the fly.