MedCentre Machines May Put Pharmacies Out of Business in the UK

 - Jun 22, 2010
References: dailymail
Very soon people in UK will be able to get prescription medicine any time through medical vending devices called 'MedCentre Machines' developed by Canadian firm PharmaTrust. The proposed machines can hold upto 2,000 packs commonly used prescription drugs. The machines identify drugs with the help of microchip attached on the packs. The vending machine also allows patients to discuss with a pharmacist via a video link. The pharmacist is responsible checks the prescription and authorises the transaction and then the patients can pay either by inserting cash into the machine or by debit or credit card.

The proposed MedCentre Machines are on trial and have been put in five hospitals, however, there are concerns among chemists in UK as such an invention could shut down their businesses and force them to layoff staff.