The 'Coming And Going Bracelet' is for the Glorified Drug Addict

 - Aug 19, 2011
References: castofvices & refinery29
Reality TV and celebrity news have glorified drug addictions and other sad events to the point that other industries are starting to capitalize on these sensationalized occurrences with products like the 'Coming And Going Bracelet.' A silver model of a typical hospital wristband, this piece of jewelry seems to address not only the literal sickness that riddles influential drug-addled individuals, but also the figurative sickness that pervades pop culture in general.

Created by Cast of Vices, a jewelry design studio that "casts a critical eye on pop culture and [their] obsession with self-medication and addiction," the Coming And Going Bracelet illustrates the true struggle of being an addict. Although it can be argued that Cast of Vices is also glorifying these issues, it is simply exploring contemporary culture and our modern ethos.