The ADMD Campaign Urges the French Government to Embrace Euthanasia

 - Mar 9, 2012
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The topic of legalizing euthanasia is highly controversial, and the ADMD campaign is no less so. The ADMD campaign embraces the common idiom "put yourself in my shoes" by envisioning French politicians hospitalized with a debilitating disease of some sort that they will not be recovering from. Instead, all they can look forward to is a long drawn-out death or a merciful end at the hands of a trusted doctor.

Conceived and executed by Melville, an ad agency based in Paris, France, the ADMD campaign specifically addresses French Republic President Nicolas Sarkozy in addition to politicians Marine Le Pen and François Bayrou. It appeals to them through disturbing images of them hooked up to IVs and a simple question, "Must you be put in this position to change your stand on euthanasia?"