Christian Street Art by Mauro Pallotta Reflects Ancient Tensions in Rome

 - Dec 3, 2014
References: buzzfeed
The Roman Catholic Church might not always be represented so favorably, but in art -- specifically the street variety by Mauro Pallotta -- Pope Francis saves the day as a superhero. While the Papal Police of Vatican City approved of the religious graffiti, it is clear that the Roman police felt differently, as they quickly painted over it.

When it still was visible, however, the heroic street art by Mauro Pallotta (also known as Maupal) depicts Pope Frances with rosary beads and a cross swinging from his neck, a cape flowing behind him and his personal satchel in his hand stamped 'Valores.' The Pope's own black satchel is shown carrying a red and blue stripped scarf representing Pope Francis's favorite Argentinian football team.