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Constantly in the limelight for both professional and personal reasons, leaders and icons from around the globe are continuously adapting to create a strong, public presence. Highlight how modern innovators, world leaders and even celebrities are evolving and making an impact, Trend Hunter’s leaders category will keep you on the pulse of everything happening in the world of modern influencers.
AI-Based Deepfake Detection Platforms
AI-Based Deepfake Detection Platforms
CVEDIA's AI Solution Seeks to Put Users' Mind at Ease
Singapore-based start-up CVEDIA is hypothesising an AI solution that is “one step ahead of deepfakes.” AI-generated videos are posing a problem on many fronts—this is especially... MORE
Top 85 Pop Culture Trends in October
Top 85 Pop Culture Trends in October
From Villain Beauty Sets to Mess-Free Pumpkin Decorators
The series of October 2019 pop culture trends highlight a wide range of references that nod to all generations that are involved with the media. Some of the concepts bring nostalgic elements to tap... MORE
Design-Forward Climate Strike Posters
Design-Forward Climate Strike Posters
Glug Develops an Expansive Database for Activist Posters
If you attend marches and public gatherings that demand action in favor of ecological sustainability then you are aware of all the creative climate strike posters that reel you in. These visuals are... MORE
Vote-Promoting Ridesharing Deals
Vote-Promoting Ridesharing Deals
Lyft Offers Discounts on Election Day in Toronto and Ottawa
As the date of the Canadian Federal Election is fast-approaching on October 21st, Lyft attempts to motivate people to go vote, offering discounts on Election Day. The initiative is mostly focused on... MORE
Future-Proof Building Complexes
Future-Proof Building Complexes
Perkins and Will is Designing the European Commission Office
The planned European Commissions office in Brussels is expected to be housed in a future-proof building, with a capacity of 5,250 people. The winning design is that of London-based firm Perkins and... MORE
Playful Politically Inspired Timepieces
Playful Politically Inspired Timepieces
After Its April Fools Prank, TRIWA Launches Trump Watches
The limited edition Trump watches by Swedish company TRIWA are quite playful, daring and entertaining. For April Fool’s 2019, the brand released a concept of a timepiece that spotlighted a... MORE
K-Pop Celebrity-Centric Campaigns
K-Pop Celebrity-Centric Campaigns
Nike Korea Relies on Regional Pop Culture for Its New Campaign
Nike Korea’s new campaign is active, colorful and confident. Developed by Agency Wieden and Kennedy Tokyo, the marketing initiative spotlights a dynamic environment that is full of... MORE
Space Race-Inspired Fashion Editorials
Space Race-Inspired Fashion Editorials
Levi's Taps Nostalgia with Its 1950s Space Race Lookbook
For the debut of its Spring/Summer 2019 collection, popular denim brand Levi’s launches a lookbook that takes cues from the 1950s Space Race. The event refers to the 20th-century competition... MORE
Empowered Representation
Women-specific representation aims to amplify the voice of women
Trend - Brands that are beginning to understand the growing desire for representation across industries are aiming to address this with women-specific ventures that amplify the voice and work of women only.
Workshop Question - How could your brand better focus on women’s representation?
Empowering Early Childhood Memoirs
Empowering Early Childhood Memoirs
The Book Kid Activists Boasts True Tales of Influential People
Written by Robin Stevenson and illustrated by Allison Steinfeld, ‘Kid Activists: True Tales of Childhood from Champions of Change’ was released in September of 2019. The publication... MORE
Migrant-Supporting T-Shirt Designs
Migrant-Supporting T-Shirt Designs
Chroma and AWAKE NY Collaborate on a Human Rights Tee
A new human rights tee is launched by contemporary fashion label AWAKE NY and creative studio Chroma. The product presents a minimalist t-shirt in white. In red font, the words ‘PROTECT PEOPLE... MORE
Unifying Politically Charged Fashion
Unifying Politically Charged Fashion
SOUVENIR's Democratic Clothing Line Responds to Brexit
A democratic clothing line has been launch in response to Britain’s attempt to exit the European Union. As the political situation is rapidly unfolding, individuals and brands are sharing... MORE
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in August
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in August
From Disney-Inspired Bags to Alien-Inspired Beer Campaigns
The August 2019 pop culture concepts pay close attention to all the rage that happens throughout the media and social platforms to implement through different products and services for marketing... MORE
Female-Centric Sportswear Campaigns
Female-Centric Sportswear Campaigns
Reebok's Female Empowerment Campaign Boasts Cheerful Colors
A supporter of equality and tolerance, Reebok employs the idea of pushing industry boundaries and this becomes abundantly clear with its latest female empowerment campaign. This is not the first... MORE
Top 95 Pop Culture Trends in November
Top 95 Pop Culture Trends in November
From Boy Band Beer Labels to Social Media Channel Cook Books
The November 2019 pop culture trends showcase a wide range of brands that take the opportunity of popular viral content and translate that in a message that relates to its consumers through campaigns,... MORE
Ironic Witty Beer Campaigns
Ironic Witty Beer Campaigns
Old Speckled Hen Launched a New Campaign Titled 'Drink Curious'
Old Speckled Hen, an Oxfordshire brewery established in 1979, recently launched a reinvention of its mascot from 1994—Henry The Fox—to give him a modern and witty twist. The beer brand&#... MORE
Fashionable British Wool-Made Lines
Fashionable British Wool-Made Lines
The Prince of Wales & Holt Renfrew Boast the Campaign for Wool
The Campaign for Wool is a new partnership that highlights the collaborative efforts of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and Holt Renfrew. The initative celebrates the versatile and style-... MORE
Security-Enhanced Electronic Voting Machines
Security-Enhanced Electronic Voting Machines
Tucker Viemeister & Microsoft Create ElectionGuard
This new electronic voting machine is designed to streamline the political duty, whilst making it more secure for one to cast a vote. The device is developed through a collaboration between Tucker... MORE
play_circle_filled Celebrity-Led Climate Change PSAs
Celebrity-Led Climate Change PSAs
This George Clooney PSA Approaches a Sensitive Topic with Humor
This George Clooney PSA aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week. The video content tackles the sensitive topic of climate change and enhances its impact by making playfully satirical jabs at... MORE
play_circle_filled Post-Capitalist Streaming Platforms
Post-Capitalist Streaming Platforms
Means TV Looks to Sever Entertainment Media's Corporate Ties
A 10-week fundraising campaign has been kickstarted for Means TV —  a new generation of streaming service. The post-capitalist initative is an attempt at freeing entertainment and media... MORE
play_circle_filled AI News Anchors
AI News Anchors
The Xinhua News Agency Enters the Future with Its Computer-powered News Anchors
A state-owned Chinese news agency is making the best out of artificial intelligence technology with the launch of its AI news anchors. The entities present a combination of “graphics and audio... MORE
play_circle_filled Scary Political Halloween-Themed Videos
Scary Political Halloween-Themed Videos
MIT Uses AI to Superimpose Trump's Face on Frankenstein
Late last year researchers and students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) released political Halloween-themed videos that saw Donald Trump in the role of ‘Young Frankenstein&#... MORE
play_circle_filled Female-Centric U.S. Currency
Female-Centric U.S. Currency
Rosie Gumataotao Rios' Project Pays Tribute to Leading American Women
Some of the leading American women in history are superimposed onto U.S. currency with the intent to empower demographics and advocate for the abolition of sexism. The project is boldly dubbed ‘... MORE
play_circle_filled Renegade Installation Art
Renegade Installation Art
Banksy Interjects the Venice Biennale with 'Venice in Oil' Installation
‘Venice in Oil’ is a mysterious amalgamation of frames that portray a massive cruise ship, surrounded by Venetian gondola boats. The piece seems to be a politically charged response that... MORE
play_circle_filled Awareness-Raising Deepfake Videos
Awareness-Raising Deepfake Videos
Key & Peele Launches a Obama Deepfake Video to Warn Users
The Obama deepfake video was launched by Jordan Peele on his Comedy Central show ‘Key & Peele.’ The spoof is a good example of mixing humor, politics and ground-breaking technology.... MORE