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While people are often weary of reaching old age, retirement doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the road, and Trend Hunter’s seniors category is here to offer some insight into how this aging generation is making the most out of life. From unexpected senior activities to developments in active lifestyles and retiree entertainment, these trends are offering a glimpse into what life is like for aging consumers.
Interchangeable Senior Shower Systems
Interchangeable Senior Shower Systems
The Conceptual 'Cloud' Ergonomic Shower System is Inclusive
The conceptual ‘Cloud’ ergonomic shower system is an inclusive solution for healthcare workers to use when providing care for seniors or the differently abled that will help them to... MORE
Assistive Elderly Shower Systems
Assistive Elderly Shower Systems
The Conceptual Aiyu Shower Machine is Comfort-Focused
The increase in seniors aging in place is driving demand for solutions that will provide them with a way to maintain their daily routine with ease, which is exactly what the conceptual Aiyu Shower... MORE
Senior-Monitoring Cameras
Senior-Monitoring Cameras
The AltumView Cypress Smart Medical Alert Sensor Detects for Problems
Many seniors are now opting to age in place by staying in their home and getting assistance from caregivers, so the AltumView Cypress smart medical alert sensor is intended to make the process a bit... MORE
Social Media Postcard Services
Social Media Postcard Services
The GramGram Service Now Lets Users Send Instagram Postcards
The GramGram service was first introduced a few years ago as a way to help make social media accessible for older generations who aren’t on it and has now been expanded to include additional... MORE
User-Friendly Content Players
User-Friendly Content Players
The Conceptual 'DVDISC' Helps Seniors Enjoy Their Favorite Content
Content streaming has become the norm for many users but isn’t as accessible by older generations, so the conceptual ‘DVDISC’ has been designed in order to help them enjoy their... MORE
Connected Senior Communication Lights
Connected Senior Communication Lights
The 'CareAlert' Keeps the Elderly in Touch with Family
The ‘CareAlert’ smart nightlight is a connected piece of equipment for the home that will provide seniors with a way to easily communicate with their friends and family, while also... MORE
Senior Citizen Smart Objects
Senior Citizen Smart Objects
The 'Familia' Solutions Bridge the Gap Between Generations
The conceptual ‘Familia’ smart objects are a range of technology products for the home that aim to bridge the disconnect that can help to enhance the daily lifestyle of seniors. The... MORE
play_circle_filled Senior-Focused QSR Meals
Senior-Focused QSR Meals
McDonald's Sweden Launches Happy Meal Senior During COVID-19 Lockdown
The Happy Meal Senior—recently launched by McDonald’s Sweden—seeks to create a playful distraction from the health pandemic and the social distancing measures many governments have... MORE
Monitoring Appliance
Brands are creating smart home appliances with health-tracking capabilities
Trend - Researchers and companies are developing smart home appliances—predominantly for the kitchen and bathroom spaces—that monitor and track usage. Coupled with tech-enhanced features, these products analyze consumer habits and waste, producing insight into their health in real-time.
Workshop Question - How could your brand enhance your product/service to streamline an experience?
Senior-Monitoring Smart Lamps
Senior-Monitoring Smart Lamps
Nobi is a CES 2021 Innovation That Uses AI to Detect Falls
While there are wearable devices that are specifically created for fall detection, Nobi is a smart lamp that doesn’t need to be worn on the body. The smart lamp take the form of a ceiling-... MORE
Reengineered Modern Bedpans
Reengineered Modern Bedpans
The Bedderpan Introduces a Better Version of the Bedpan
The Bedderpan is a bedpan that’s been designed for modern-day use and it helps to address many of the pitfalls of designs that have been used for far too long. The Bedderpan boasts a design... MORE
Brain-Mapping Helmets
Brain-Mapping Helmets
iSyncWave Detects Early Signs of Alzheimer's Dementia
iSyncWave is a brain-mapping helmet that’s useful for detecting early signs of Alzheimer’s dementia and thanks to its portable design, it helps to offer an alternative to the EEG... MORE
All-Ages Style Campaigns
All-Ages Style Campaigns
IKEA Singapore's Merch Campaign Emphasizes "Style for All"
IKEA Singapore recently launched its first line of merchandise, EFTERTRÄDA, and with it an attention-grabbing merch campaign. The line includes everything from t-shirts and sweatpants to hoodies... MORE
Independence-Focused Eldercare Apps
Independence-Focused Eldercare Apps
The 'Dooinwell' App Helps Family Members Stay in Touch
Keeping in touch with elderly family members but still allowing them to maintain their independence is a tough balance, so the ‘Dooinwell’ app has been developed to help make the process... MORE
Senior-Focused Skincare Lines
Senior-Focused Skincare Lines
Because Market is a D2C Brand for Older Adults
Because Market got its start by offering a better way for older adults to shop for bladder protection products and now it is venturing into the creation of skincare products for senior skin. While... MORE
Vegan Senior Challenges
Vegan Senior Challenges
The Northwest Connexion Challenge Virtually Unites Seniors with Veganism
Connexion Insurance Solutions launched the 30-day Northwest Connexion Challenge as a plant-based diet challenge to virtually unite senior participants and improve the quality of their lives. The... MORE
Senior Culinary Programs
Senior Culinary Programs
Aprons & Appetizers is a Multi-Sensory Culinary Program for Seniors
Aprons & Appetizers is one of the signature programs for seniors who reside at the Watercrest Senior Living communities and it shares a multi-sensory experience designed by a registered... MORE
Post-Menopausal Skincare Concentrates
Post-Menopausal Skincare Concentrates
Korres' White Pine Meno-Reverse™ Formula Targets Aging
Korres’ Deep Wrinkle, Plumping + Age Spot Concentrate is a post-menopausal skincare remedy targeting sensitivity, uneven skin tone and deep lines and wrinkles. Aiming to restore skin’s... MORE
Outdoor Drive-In Movie Theatres
Outdoor Drive-In Movie Theatres
Cadillac Fairview is Unveiling Charitable Outdoor Movie Events
Cadillac Fairview Sherway Gardens recently announced the launch of an outdoor drive-in movie theatre, created in partnership with the City of Toronto’s DriveInTO initiative. For the following... MORE
Cellular Nutrient Powders
Cellular Nutrient Powders
Mitopure Counters Age-Related Cellular Decline
Mitopure by Timeline Cellular Nutrition is a first-of-its-kind cellular nutrient that’s clinically proven to boost cellular function and improve muscle strength. Mitopure sets itself apart as... MORE
Charitable Luxury Car Events
Charitable Luxury Car Events
Porsche Cars Canada Entertained Residents at Long-Care Facility
The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially hard for many residents at long care facilities as families and events have been canceled due to social distancing regulations. To support and entertain... MORE
Adaptive Spoon Utensils
Adaptive Spoon Utensils
Parsons' Weighted Comfort Grip Spoon Ensures a Supportive Grip
The Parsons Weighted Comfort Grip Spoon is an adaptive utensil that is designed to make the everyday activity of eating more comfortable for those suffering from hand tremors or health conditions... MORE
Detachable Universal Cutlery Handles
Detachable Universal Cutlery Handles
The Maddak Ableware Kit is Helpful for Those with Arthritis
The Maddak Ableware kit is designed to transform classic utensils into universal cutlery. Sold in four-piece sets, the kits consist of a universal built up handle that is easy to attach to utensils,... MORE
Senior-Specific Sensory Sex Toys
Senior-Specific Sensory Sex Toys
Dotyk Was Launched by Dmytro Nikiforchuk To Meet Senior Needs
Dotyk, which means “touch,” was created by Dmytro Nikiforchuk to fill the need for senior-specific sensory sex toys.  The range was apart of Nikiforchuk’s graduate program at... MORE
Senior-Focused Exercising Parks
Senior-Focused Exercising Parks
This Senior Exercise Park Was the Result of Community Engagement
Last year, on July 7th, the senior exercising park at Godstone Park in Toronto opened for operation. Located in the city’s North York neighborhood, just east of the Peanut Plaza, the... MORE