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While people are often weary of reaching old age, retirement doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the road, and Trend Hunter’s seniors category is here to offer some insight into how this aging generation is making the most out of life. From unexpected senior activities to developments in active lifestyles and retiree entertainment, these trends are offering a glimpse into what life is like for aging consumers.
Senior-Tracking Evacuation Wearables
Senior-Tracking Evacuation Wearables
The Conceptual 'AXIS' Smart Wristband Aids in Emergencies
The conceptual ‘AXIS’ smart wristband has been designed to aid with evacuation protocols with senior citizens as well as a bevy of additional processes. The unit works by being worn on... MORE
In-Home Medication Managers
In-Home Medication Managers
Hero is a High-Tech Solution for Precision in Medication
Hero is a high-tech medication manager that is ideal for individuals who are taking a variety of meds every day. The device is geared toward an older demographic or people that tend to be forgetful.... MORE
Senior-Friendly VR Travel Experiences
Senior-Friendly VR Travel Experiences
The University of Tokyo Makes Tech Increasingly Accessible
An ambitious team at the University of Tokyo, led by Kento Toshima who has a background as a therapist, has taken it upon itself to make VR travel available to seniors. The utilization of virtual... MORE
Affection-Exploring Objects
Affection-Exploring Objects
Elena Tamburini's 'Filotea' Encourages Affection in Elderly Couples
Designer Elena Tamburini’s four-piece Filotea collection transforms everyday objects into tools that help elderly individuals and couples experience affection. The objects include a mirror, a... MORE
Ultra-Loud Alarm Clocks
Ultra-Loud Alarm Clocks
The Screaming Meanie Forte is Touted as the Market's Loudest Alarm Clock
Those who are prone to sleeping through the sounds of their alarm clock in the morning won’t be able to ignore The Screaming Meanie Forte, which is now being introduced as “the loudest... MORE
Design-Forward Lift Assist Chairs
Design-Forward Lift Assist Chairs
Red Barrel Studio's Seating Solution Come in Three Chic Colors
The selling point of Red Barrel Studio’s lift assist chair is the exceptionally design-forward aesthetic. The piece presents a slick, monochromatic recliner that is specially developed to... MORE
Incredibly Discreet Grab Bars
Incredibly Discreet Grab Bars
The Delta DF702PC Hides the Conventional Grab Bar with a Shelf
The Delta DF702PC enjoys a balanced form of function and aesthetic as the product conceals a grab bar with a shelf. The offering’s silhouette is the perfect addition to the bathroom for those... MORE
Collapsible Shower Seating
Collapsible Shower Seating
Healthcraft's Invisia SerenaSeat Shower Chair Conveniently Folds Out
Healthcraft’s Invisia SerenaSeat shower chair is designed with both function and safety in mind. The wall-mounted shower seat is ideal for those with mobility issues and is a stability-focused... MORE
Superfood Cleansing
Cleansing skincare products offer added value with superfood ingredients
Trend - Brands in the skincare space are no stranger to "superfood" ingredients, and they're now increasingly incorporating them into their cleansers in order to boost their marketability in an overrun market.
Workshop Question - At a time when consumers tend to research products/services before deciding to purchase, how could your company use branding to make this process easier for its customers?
Medical Alert Pendants
Medical Alert Pendants
Medical Guardian's Limitless Icons Collection Supports Stylish Senior Women
Medical Guardian is launching the Limitless Icons Collection as a fashion-forward line of medical alert pendants for senior women. The first-of-its-kind solution within the Personal Emergency... MORE
20 Senior Health Aids
20 Senior Health Aids
From Tech-Infused Eyewear to Medicine-Inspired Meals
Aging gracefully has never been more accessible, as technology and health advancements intersect to offer senior consumers comfort, and connectivity—this list of 20 senior health aids dives... MORE
Post-Menopause Multivitamins
Post-Menopause Multivitamins
Ritual's Multivitamin for Women 50+ Supports Healthy Aging
Ritual, which is passionate about creating vitamins that are pure, effective and transparent when it comes to ingredients, recently launched a Multivitamin for Women 50+ that specifically supports... MORE
Anxiety-Fighting Sensation-Emitting Armbands
Anxiety-Fighting Sensation-Emitting Armbands
A USC Professor Develops a Wearable Therapeutic Tool
The positive implications of wearable therapeutic tools are that they have the ability to effectively alleviate anxiety through sensation. Assistant Professor Heather Culbertson from the Department... MORE
Word Currency Shops
Word Currency Shops
Cadbury and Age UK's Chocolate Shop Invites People to Donate Words
Late in the summer, Cadbury unveiled a chocolate bar wrapper in partnership with Age UK that brings attention to loneliness in the elderly and now the pair have also opened a unique chocolate shop... MORE
play_circle_filled Wordless Chocolate Bars
Wordless Chocolate Bars
Cadbury is Asking People to Share Words to Fight Elderly Loneliness
According to the 2018 Age UK Loneliness Report, there are 1.4 million older people who struggle with loneliness and 225,000 older people often go a whole week without speaking to anyone—but... MORE
Intergenerational Respite Care Initiatives
Intergenerational Respite Care Initiatives
YouthCare Deploys Volunteers to an Adult Daycare Center
YouthCare is a volunteer-based program that assists in the operations of adult daycare centers in Los Angeles. The initiative is launched by the Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s (YMAA) and... MORE
play_circle_filled Male-Targeted Toilet Hygiene Accessories
Male-Targeted Toilet Hygiene Accessories
Tinkle Topper is a Hygienic Bathroom Solution
For homeowners concerned with the cleanliness of their bathrooms, the Tinkle Topper ensures that urine remains in the toilet without hitting the ground. It’s perfect for young parents teaching... MORE
play_circle_filled Destigmatizing Adult Diapers
Destigmatizing Adult Diapers
NothShore's Diapers for Adults are Brightly Colored & Ultra-Absorbent
NorthShore is on a mission to reduce the stigma that surrounds heavy incontinence with its diapers for adults that are highly absorbent and offered in bold purple, green and blue colors. While many... MORE
Language-Based Accessibility-Focused Campaigns
Language-Based Accessibility-Focused Campaigns
Alcon Spotlights Its Multifocal Contact Lenses
Alcon—a global leader in eye care, calls consumer attention to its multifocal contact lenses which are known by the name ‘DAILIES TOTAL1.’ The company markets its product via an... MORE
Self-Locking Safety Seating
Self-Locking Safety Seating
LPA's Metal Thera-Glide® Chair Ensures Ample Support
LPA SPECIALTY HEALTHCARE SEATING’s self-locking Metal Thera-Glide®chair ensures ample support and stability for users with mobility issues. The durable, comfortable and sleek chair is... MORE
Personalized Grab Bar Designs
Personalized Grab Bar Designs
The SmartBar Boasts a Slick, Durable and Adjustable Silhouette
A common difficulty of grab bar designs is that they are usually utility over appearance. However, a few brands recognize the niche market for this product and work toward developing an offering... MORE
Reclining Luxury Massage Chairs
Reclining Luxury Massage Chairs
HOMCOM's Chair Offering is Multi-Functional and Supportive
HOMCOM makes a luxury massage chair available to the public and the seating product is exceptionally beneficial for older consumers. When manufacturing the piece, the designers looked toward... MORE
Automatic Daily Shower Cleaners
Automatic Daily Shower Cleaners
Scrubbing Bubbles Offers a Quick & Efficient Solution to Cleaning
The Automatic Daily Shower Cleaner by Scrubbing Bubbles is one of those long-term investment products that ensure a hassle-free cleaning experience. When it comes to maintaining independence as you... MORE
Supportive Bariatric Chairs
Supportive Bariatric Chairs
The Titan Plus+ 901-30 Delivers Appropriate Lumbar Support
The Titan Plus+ 901-30 is a bariatric chair, equipped to deliver a comfortable experience to individuals who might need extra support. The offering has a strategically built frame, as well as... MORE
Anti-Slip Vinyl Flooring Solutions
Anti-Slip Vinyl Flooring Solutions
AKW's New Range of Bathroom Tiles Comes in a Variety of Colors
AKW debuts its new line of anti-slip vinyl flooring. The launch is intended to make the home a safer place, as well as “save time and reduce the risk of delay for an installation.” The... MORE