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Credit Crunch

Reflecting a world where saving money and financial responsibility are highly prioritized, Trend Hunter’s credit crunch category deep dives into everything from budget-conscious shopping to discount innovations and financial tracking techniques.
Cryptocurrency Finance Banking Platforms
Cryptocurrency Finance Banking Platforms
'Alice Finance' Offers Savings and Loans at Fixed Rates
The ‘Alice Finance’ platform is a different kind of cryptocurrency finance solution that will offer users a new option when looking to diversify their portfolio, save funds, take out a... MORE
Interactive Participation Investment Apps
Interactive Participation Investment Apps
The 'Steroke' Social Investing App is Simple to Use
The ‘Steroke’ social investing app is an interactive platform to let users make money from anywhere by partaking in contests and competitions with others. Users will be provided with... MORE
Startup Finance-Simplifying Platforms
Startup Finance-Simplifying Platforms
'Flowyse' Puts a Business's Financial Position into Focus
The ‘Flowyse’ platform is a financial solution for small businesses and startups to help them understand their finances on a deeper level instead of feeling unsure of where they stand.... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in July
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in July
From Inflatable Speedboat Floats to Quick-Release Dog Harnesses
The expansive list of top July 2019 lifestyle trends span across multiple industries in multiple different forms—there are several products, services, and experiences that push for progression.... MORE
Accessible Art Investment Apps
Accessible Art Investment Apps
The 'Otis' Alternative Investment App Offers Partial Art Ownership
Investing in artwork is traditionally reserved for those who have the funds on hand to make the high-end purchase, but this is something the ‘Otis’ alternative investment app aims to... MORE
Real-Time Payment-Splitting Apps
Real-Time Payment-Splitting Apps
Rift Pay Automatically Splits the Cost Between Multiple People
Sharing the cost of a meal or a purchase usually means having one person make the payment and being reimbursed by everyone else, but Rift Pay aims to help change this scenario. The payment app works... MORE
Rentable Wedding Cakes
Rentable Wedding Cakes
Toronto's Le Dolci Now Offers a Wedding Cake Rental Service
Toronto’s Le Dolci bake shop, which is known for a variety of its sweet treats, is now offering a wedding cake rental service that has the potential to help couples save money on their big day.... MORE
Offline Cryptocurrency Backup Devices
Offline Cryptocurrency Backup Devices
The ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal Works with BIP39 Wallets
The ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal cryptocurrency backup device is an offline device that will enable users to keep their private keys protected without the need for any third-party software. Crafted from... MORE
Digitized Merchant
Cash economies go digital with merchant-centric benefits
Implications - The lack of digital payment infrastructure that extends to small and micro businesses is a significant challenge for businesses operating in primarily cash economies. In an effort to combat this, an increasing number of payment technology providers are establishing merchant-centric benefits ranging from loyalty programs to cost-free implementation processes. These offerings help move businesses out of a cash economy and away from potential risk.
Workshop Question — How has a move toward more digitized payment processes impacted your organization?
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in August
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in August
From All-in-One Oral Care Kits to AI-Powered Pet Companions
The August 2019 lifestyle trends are comprised of many ideas that elevate day-to-day products and services through different mediums and platforms. This spans across multiple different industries to... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in June
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in June
From Eco-Friendly Bubble Tea Cups to Cooling Canine Collars
The June 2019 lifestyle concepts cover a broad variety of ideas that are developed by many different industries, all of which are rooted in creating more convenient approaches to day-to-day... MORE
User-Friendly Crypto Platforms
User-Friendly Crypto Platforms
The 'Barter Trade' Trading Platform is Focused on Efficiency
The ‘Barter Trade’ trading platform is an exchange for cryptocurrencies and additional blockchain assets that aims to bring them to global users. The platform is focused on enabling... MORE
Tech-Powered Financial Services Provider
Tech-Powered Financial Services Provider
PayU Boasts E-Commerce Benefits for Consumers & Merchants
PayU is a financial service provider that seeks to extend e-commerce benefits to consumers and merchants alike. Utilizing cutting-edge technology that has been developed in-house or through... MORE
Brazil-Based Private Payroll Loans
Brazil-Based Private Payroll Loans
Creditas & Creditoo Merge to Reduce Debt Among Brazilians
The benefit of private payroll loans extent to reliability, lower default rates, a diminished level of risk, as well as lower interest rates. This is due to the fact that the salary is essentially &#... MORE
Holistic Investment Apps
Holistic Investment Apps
The 'Portafolio' App Lets Users Track Investments, Get Advice and More
The ‘Portafolio’ app is an intuitive financial solution for users who are looking to take more control over their investments and accelerate their earning potential from their capital.... MORE
Affordable CBD-Infused Beverages
Affordable CBD-Infused Beverages
DWiiNK Offers Accessibly Priced Premium CBD Beverages
DWiiNK is the name of a new line of CBD beverages from The Ranch Companies, founded by Mike Tyson and Rob Hickman, that shares drinks infused with 10 milligrams of high-quality CBD. The products are... MORE
Curated Finance Tool Directories
Curated Finance Tool Directories
'Finance Stack' Pinpoints the Best Financial Apps and More
Finding the best apps and solutions for financial doings is no easy task, so ‘Finance Stack’ is positioned as a directory that will pinpoint the best options for those looking to... MORE
Inter-Family Financial Apps
Inter-Family Financial Apps
The Spendless App Syncs Family Finances into One Place
Bearing the financial burden of family members is a common reality for the Generation X demographic, as the middle aged-consumers are often required to offer financial support to their children, and... MORE
Digital-Only Banking Services
Digital-Only Banking Services
'NorthOne' Lets Businesses Open an Account in a Few Minutes
‘NorthOne’ is a branch-free, digital-only banking service that will enable businesses to get set up in minutes with an account and have them making transactions the very same day.... MORE
Teen-Targeted Banking Solutions
Teen-Targeted Banking Solutions
'Walrus' Banking Helps Teens Harness Their Spending Power and More
Teenagers today have an immense amount of spending power yet are often overlooked in the banking world, so ‘Walrus’ banking is positioned to help change this. Developed for teens in India,... MORE
Personal Loan-Tracking Platforms
Personal Loan-Tracking Platforms
'Borrowist' Manages Money Between Friends and Family
Borrowing money from friends, family or colleagues can be a difficult business to handle, so the ‘Borrowist’ platform aims to make the process easier and free from stress. The service... MORE
Cryptocurrency-Normalizing Apps
Cryptocurrency-Normalizing Apps
The 'Crypterium' App Makes Cryptocurrency More Accessible
Using cryptocurrencies for payment is gaining popularity but isn’t as applicable as traditional methods, which is something that the ‘Crypterium’ app aims to change. Users can take... MORE
Future-Tracking Finance Apps
Future-Tracking Finance Apps
'BodesWell' Uses Your Present Finances and Economic Models to Plan
The ‘BodesWell’ financial planning tool is a simple solution that will enable consumers to plan and strategize for the future by taking potential economic conditions into account. The... MORE
Weekly Allowance Finance Apps
Weekly Allowance Finance Apps
The 'Weekly' App Change Perceptions Around Budgeting
Creating a budget hasn’t changed much over the years, so the ‘Weekly’ app has been developed to help reinvigorate the capabilities of users looking to take more control over their... MORE
Skill-Based Allowance Apps
Skill-Based Allowance Apps
The 'PocketJam' App Requires Kids to Solve Math Problems for Money
The ‘PocketJam’ app is a clever solution for parents and guardians to use as a way to incentivize kids to practice their educational lessons in order to earn their allowance. The app... MORE