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Credit Crunch

Reflecting a world where saving money and financial responsibility are highly prioritized, Trend Hunter’s credit crunch category deep dives into everything from budget-conscious shopping to discount innovations and financial tracking techniques.
Money-Dividing Bank Apps
Money-Dividing Bank Apps
The 'Flow' Finance App Automatically Divvies Up Funds
The ‘Flow’ finance app is an automated banking solution for consumers who are looking to take more control over their money by divvying it up accordingly to prevent unintended shortages.... MORE
Small Business Credit Lines
Small Business Credit Lines
Mercado Libre's Mercado Pago is Extending a R$600 Million Credit Line
In Brazil, Mercado Pago is launching a medium and small business credit line. Since the government-funded credit and support packages in many countries are deemed not enough to assist independent... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends for 2020
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends for 2020
From Luxury Off-Road Campers to Mobile Robotic Bars
The 2020 lifestyle trends explore a plethora of ways that brands are creating experiences, products, and services that add towards a day to day activity. One of the most notable examples is the OPUS... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in December
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in December
From Medical Alert Pendants to Neck-Stretching Solutions
The December 2019 lifestyle trends are dynamic and progressive, featuring a plethora of new ideas that cater to day-to-day living in extravagant and casual manners. One of the standout lifestyle... MORE
Virtual Bank-Comparing Guides
Virtual Bank-Comparing Guides
The Digital Bank Guide Helps Consumers Make Educated Choices
Shifting to a digital-only bank is something many consumers are doing in a bid to save fees and maximize every dollar they have, so the Digital Bank Guide is here to offer them a way to ensure they... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in October
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in October
From Eco-Catered Plane Meals to Modern Cat-Friendly Apartments
These October 2019 lifestyle trends explore many different ways of living and catering to each and every single unique experience. Many brands highlight sustainable elements when it comes to... MORE
Mindful Money Management Apps
Mindful Money Management Apps
The 'Slate' App is Suitable for Kids, Teens and Adults Alike
The ‘Slate’ money management app is a simple, straightforward and elegant digital finance solution that will provide users with a better way to keep track of their spending each month.... MORE
Millennial Financial Wellness Pop-Ups
Millennial Financial Wellness Pop-Ups
Personal Finance Platform Credit Karma is Advice-Driven
Personal finance platforms rise in popularity, especially among the Millennial crowd. Many of these hubs extend themselves to the brick-and-mortar world with advice-driven pop-ups that assist young... MORE
Gamified Adulting
Apps encouraging Millennials to complete necessary tasks use gamification
Trend - Millennials are being catered to by new apps aimed at automating and gamifying unappealing but necessary tasks, like finance management or housekeeping. The game-like interface of these apps is critical to their success and resonance with this audience.
Workshop Question - What's a necessary, boring task your brand could make more appealing to the Millennial cohort?
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in April
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in April
From Drinkable Potato Chip Packaging to Wearable Air Purifiers
The April 2020 lifestyle trends look into many ways that day-to-day routines can be elevated or made more convenient. The wide range of brands stem from industries all over the world and feature... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in February
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in February
From Tech Meditation Pods to IoT Water Filtration Systems
The February 2020 lifestyle trends elevate the daily lifestyle to new heights with a wide variety of ways that it can make matters more convenient and more functional. Some of these focus on health,... MORE
Speedy Financial Planning Platforms
Speedy Financial Planning Platforms
'Savology' Makes Financial Planning More Accessible
The ‘Savology’ platform is a financial planning solution that aims to shake up the market by offering consumers a way to strategize their future and come up with an actionable plan to... MORE
Savings Goal Finance App
Savings Goal Finance App
The 'InstaBudget' App Takes a Realistic Approach to Expenses
Saving for a large purchase usually consists of setting a goal and working towards it which can sometimes leave the person feeling unsure of the specifics, so the ‘InstaBudget’ app is... MORE
Secure Easy-to-Use Digital Wallets
Secure Easy-to-Use Digital Wallets
The 'ZERO' Offline Cryptocurrency Wallet Offers Peace-of-Mind
Millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies are reported to be stolen everyday, so the The ‘ZERO’ offline cryptocurrency wallet is positioned as a secure option for consumers who are in... MORE
Group Expense-Tracking Apps
Group Expense-Tracking Apps
The 'Monshare' App Works Great with Couples and Groups
The ‘Monshare’ app is a shared expense solution that will enable couples or groups to easily keep an eye on money being spent to split the cost with minimal effort. The app is focused... MORE
Investment Data Consolidation Platforms
Investment Data Consolidation Platforms
The 'AIRR' Investment Management Platform is Streamlined
The ‘AIRR’ investment management platform is an intuitive solution for consolidating front or back-office systems that the user accesses on a daily basis to keep them on top of their data.... MORE
Net Worth-Accelerating Apps
Net Worth-Accelerating Apps
The 'Usefirst' Financial Health App Curbs Unnecessary Spending
Many consumers are constantly on a quest to increase their net worth and keep more money in their pocket, which is exactly what the ‘Usefirst’ financial health app aims to help do. The... MORE
Teen-Targeted Digital-Only Banks
Teen-Targeted Digital-Only Banks
'Club Walrus' Lets Users Maintain More Independence
‘Club Walrus’ is a new neobank (digital-only banking solution) for teenagers in India that will provide them with a way to enhance their financial independence and help them to take more... MORE
Couple-Centric Banking Services
Couple-Centric Banking Services
'Ivella' Offers Joint Banking to Streamline Expense Splitting
Couples who are looking to get more fiscally involved with one another usually opt for joint banking solutions to help do so, which is exactly what ‘Ivella’ aims to offer in a modern... MORE
Child-Friendly Banking Services
Child-Friendly Banking Services
The 'Abacus' Prepaid Debit Card Helps Kids with Personal Finance
Teaching financial best practices to children is essential to ensure they get started in life on the right path, so the ‘Abacus’ prepaid debit card is positioned as a great option to... MORE
Strategic Stock Signal Platform
Strategic Stock Signal Platform
The 'DARA' Platform Helps Traders Make Better Decisions
The ‘DARA’ stock signal platform is an informative solution for avid traders who are looking to take more control over their trades by relying on data instead of gut instincts. The... MORE
Expanding Bitcoin-Supporting Apps
Expanding Bitcoin-Supporting Apps
The Fold App Makes Crypto Payment Possible Online and IRL
Crypto payment is gaining traction as the process is introduced as an option for e-commerce check-out and in-store purchases. A pioneer that is driving this innovation is ‘Fold.’ As a... MORE
Decentralized Digital Finance Wallets
Decentralized Digital Finance Wallets
'Dexwallet' Handles Savings, Payments and More
The ‘Dexwallet’ decentralized digital finance wallet is a modern solution for consumers looking to take more control over their finances and streamline their everyday monetary doings.... MORE
Points-Earning Debit Apps
Points-Earning Debit Apps
The 'Point' Mobile Banking App Doesn't Require a Credit Card
Points and perks are often used by credit card providers to provide a reward for consumers, so the ‘Point’ mobile banking app is positioned as a new solution to do just that without... MORE
play_circle_filled Affordable Pro-Quality Blenders
Affordable Pro-Quality Blenders
The Brandless Pro Blender Rivals Costly High-Power Blenders
Some of the most well-known high-power blenders on the market require an investment of hundreds of dollars for an entry-level model but Brandless is introducing a competitively priced product of its... MORE