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Modern graffiti is constantly evolving, resulting in a surge of developments both on and off the street. Diving into evolving forms of street art, graffiti marketing, and abstract design, Trend Hunter’s graffiti category will offer some great insight into the world of artistic expression.
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in November
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in November
From Wall-Mounted Chairs to Doodle-Displaying Projectors
These November 2020 art and design trends are full of creative concepts that are progressive and elevate a space or experience for consumers. One of these concepts is the Doodlight idea that allows... MORE
Artist-Inspired Collectible Vinyl Toys
Artist-Inspired Collectible Vinyl Toys
Kidrobot Unveiled New Jean-Michel Basquiat Dunnys
After quickly selling out its Jean-Michel Basquiat Dunny Art Figure Series that was presented back in 2018, Kidrobot has returned with a new selection of Masterpiece collectible vinyl figures that... MORE
Social Distancing Murals
Social Distancing Murals
Stella Artois' Social Distancing Art Helps People Keep Their Space
Now that public spaces are opening up to the public once again, parks are being spraypainted with circles and social distancing art murals are emerging in public squares to help people enjoy time... MORE
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in May
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in May
From Japanese Philosophy Floors to Upcycled Umbrella Bags
These May 2020 art and design trends explore and push the boundaries of creativity by investigating new perspectives and cultural art from all around the world. One of the standout concepts that has... MORE
Brutalist-Channeling Furniture Ranges
Brutalist-Channeling Furniture Ranges
Virgil Abloh Boasts Brutalist Furniture for Galerie Kreo
Virgil Abloh builds a brutalist furniture collection that extends itself to the urban landscape. Consisting of a total of 20 pieces, the range is curated by the well-known fashion designer for... MORE
Crowdsourced Graffiti Walls
Crowdsourced Graffiti Walls
Carlo Ratti Associati Created Art Painted by a Swarm of Drones
As part of UFO Urban Flying Opera, Carlo Ratti Associati created what it calls “the world’s first crowdsourced graffiti” wall, thanks to a project involving thousands of people and a... MORE
Pop-Up Artist Collaborations
Pop-Up Artist Collaborations
Nike Commissions Greg Mike for Its Art of SNKRS Series in Atlanta
Greg Mike has made a name for himself with his street graffiti and murals. Recognizing the value of his talent, footwear purveyor Nike commissions the creative to produce an “expressive mural&#... MORE
Top 100 Art & Design Trends for 2019
Top 100 Art & Design Trends for 2019
From Norwegian Artist Hubs to Airbag-Inspired Phone Cases
Many of these 2019 Art & Design trends explore creative and functional elements. Some of these can be incorporated into a daily lifestyle, and others simply encourage creativity. A highlighting... MORE
Beet Cosmetic
Makeup and skincare products are incorporating beetroots and their extracts
Trend - Brands in the cosmetic industry, often searching for unlikely ingredients to put in their products, are now incorporating beetroot into both skincare and cosmetic items. This ingredient is purported to boost the appearance of skin due to its vitamin and antioxidant-rich content.
Workshop Question - How is your brand making its product more accessible or trustworthy?
100 Gift Ideas for Artists
100 Gift Ideas for Artists
From Artful Custom Stools to Elegant Limited Edition Rugs
This roundup of gift ideas for artists are catered to brighten up the holiday season for one’s creative peers. Many of the examples celebrate individual artists and their respective work. Some... MORE
Graffiti-Inspired Luxury Cosmetics
Graffiti-Inspired Luxury Cosmetics
Christian Louboutin's LoubiGraffiti Features High-Impact Colors
Inspired by its own LoubiGraf collection, Christian Louboutin is now introducing its first-ever LoubiGraffiti beauty line. The limited-edition collection includes highly pigmented lip and nail... MORE
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in October
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in October
From Digital Notepad Keyboards to Spent Grain Beer Package
The October 2020 art & design trends focus on a plethora of themes—from helping consumers physically and environmentally to serving a purely aesthetic purpose. Many of these artful... MORE
Teetering Teacup Murals
Teetering Teacup Murals
Leon Keer Created a Stunning 3D Mural on a Building in Sweden
The latest mural by Dutch pop-surrealist artist Leon Keer was recently unveiled in Sweden, with the unique teacup mural popping out from the side of an apartment building. With careful shading and... MORE
Zodiac Phone Cases
Zodiac Phone Cases
Wildflower Cases' Zodiac Collection is Available August 3rd
It’s no surprise that all-things astrology continue to be on the rise, and Wildflower cases’ zodiac collection solidify that claim. Whether an Aries or a Taurus, this line of phone cases... MORE
Street Artist Product Shops
Street Artist Product Shops
The Banksy Gross Domestic Product Shop is Located in Croydon
The Banksy Gross Domestic Product shop has been unveiled by the renowned street artist as his latest endeavor that serves a distinct purpose aside from the usual social commentary. Located in... MORE
On-Site Custom Luxe Fashion
On-Site Custom Luxe Fashion
The Balenciaga Stores Are Hosting Personalized Options On-Site
A selection of Balenciaga stores are hosting a special customization service—there are two locations in New York City that are inviting customers to decorate their own Winter 2019 bags. There... MORE
Whimsical London Railway Bridges
Whimsical London Railway Bridges
Yinka Ilori Boasts Stunning Palettes for an Architecture Festival
For the city’s Festival of Architecture, a mundane London railway bridge was revived with bold splashes of color. Locally based designer Yinka Ilori breathed new life into the area with his... MORE
Sizable Graffiti Exhibitions
Sizable Graffiti Exhibitions
BEYOND THE STREETS Spotlights Artists Like REVOK, Murakami, and Vhils
BEYOND THE STREETS launches another graffiti exhibition and the event is running in the Twenty Five Kent building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Spotlighting more than 150 international artists, this... MORE
Diversity-Celebrating Murals
Diversity-Celebrating Murals
Queen Andrea is Commissioned to Paint the Houston Bowery Wall Mural
On June 4th, Queen Andrea’s colorfully vibrant mural was completed. The impressive piece occupies the historic Houston Bowery’s Wall and it is centered around paying homeage to the... MORE
Ultra-Bold Graffiti Furniture
Ultra-Bold Graffiti Furniture
Stikki Peaches and CDI Furniture Debut a Punk-inspired Line
Graffiti furniture is an excellent way to make a statement. A new collaboration between Montreal-based artist Stikki Peaches and CDI Furniture makes this a tad easier with the debut of an... MORE
Collectible Street Art Figurines
Collectible Street Art Figurines
The Banksy Flower Thrower Figurine Comes in Black or White
The Banksy Flower Thrower Figurine has been created by Medicom Toy as a homage to the original Banksy street art that will offer consumers a way to bring a touch of the artist’s work into... MORE
Art-Enhanced Creative Shipping Containers
Art-Enhanced Creative Shipping Containers
YOK and SHERYO Use Art to Boost Community Aesthetics
These two creative shipping containers by traveling mural artists YOK and SHERYO significantly improve the aesthetic of the neighborhood. The illustrations are intricate and a great example of the... MORE
Solo Street Art Exhibitions
Solo Street Art Exhibitions
Influential Artist Swoon is Exhibiting at the Treason Gallery
The Treason Gallery in Seattle will be hosting the ‘Every Portrait Is a Vessel’ by renowned street artist Swoon. The show will be an amalgamation of new and old work that clearly points... MORE
Top 100 Customization Trends in 2018
Top 100 Customization Trends in 2018
From Customizable Modular Sofas to Lab-Style Tea Shops
These 2018 customization trends allow customers to give their products and services a personal touch. This enables a closer and more connected experience. Everyone has different needs and preferences,... MORE
Colourful Life-Celebrating Murals
Colourful Life-Celebrating Murals
Aussie Hair Care Taps Autumn de Forest for a Positive Mural
Autumn de Forest is a 16-year-old artist who partnered with Aussie Hair Care to contribute with a mural to Miami’s famed Wynwood Walls. The artwork is inspired by the brand’s Purple... MORE