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The world of literature is constantly adapting to the ever-changing interests of consumers. Providing the latest ideas in novel adaptations, print technology and learning tactics, Trend Hunter’s books category offers great insight into the world of reading and entertainment.
Top 100 Business Trends in November
Top 100 Business Trends in November
From Ai-Powered Shopping Carts to VR Cannabis Experiences
The list of November 2019 business trends explores many different ways that brands are representing themselves, curating retail experiences for consumers, and more. There has been a lot of... MORE
Narrative-Based Sales Books
Narrative-Based Sales Books
Better Selling Through Storytelling Helps Readers Captivate and Compel
According to John Livesay, author of Better Selling Through Storytelling, the key to sales is a well-crafted narrative, and those that read his latest book will be equipped with all the tools... MORE
Mindful Entrepreneur Book Launches
Mindful Entrepreneur Book Launches
The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur Features 366 Daily Reflections
Mindfulness is one of the most empowering qualities an entrepreneur can keep in their toolkit, but developing and maintaining that mindset is a practice few have mastered, especially when confronted... MORE
Artist-Centric Adult Coloring Books
Artist-Centric Adult Coloring Books
Aimful Books Boasts a Range of Street Art Coloring Books
Artist-powered and meticulously curated street art coloring books have the tendency to stand out in a category that has seen an immense jump in popularity. Aimful Books is a company that was created... MORE
Top 100 Business Trends in September
Top 100 Business Trends in September
From In-Store Mystery Boxes to Theartrical Retail Experiences
The wide range of September 2019 business trends explores many different ways that brands are able to connect with their respective consumers. There are fresh ideas being explored this month as... MORE
Serene Mountain Bakeries
Serene Mountain Bakeries
Studio Riebenbauer Oversees the Branding Identity of Dorfstetter
A mountain bakery surely has a locational advantage over its competitors. To strengthen this, Dorfstetter — an establishment of this kind that is based in the Styrian mountainside, employs... MORE
Top 100 Business Trends in August
Top 100 Business Trends in August
From Naturally Sweetened Sweets to Collectiable-Sharing Pop-Ups
The August 2019 business trends are full of innovative ideas that transcend the overall customer experience. The list of products and services are progressive in numerous ways, one of which is... MORE
Text-Based Digital Rebellions
Text-Based Digital Rebellions
Re:publica's Identity Contradicts the Values of Digital Cultures
Digital rebellions have permeated through many instances of everyday life. Whether that be on the individual, community or corporate levels, the movement suggests that people are beginning to be... MORE
Eco Luggage
Environmentally friendly luggage production is increasingly popular
Trend - Eco-friendly luggage is on the rise as consumers look to reduce their environmental impact, even in investment pieces. Made from recycled materials and long-lasting, these luggage pieces offer consumers peace of mind in their purchase decisions.
Workshop Question - How could your brand empower its customer to shop sustainably?
Bilingual Children's Books
Bilingual Children's Books
Monster Preschool Set to Publish with Both Japanese and English Text
This children’s book titled “Monster Preschool” by Chihiro is offering text in both English and Japanese. Each copy of the book will be created with incredible care and dedication,... MORE
Annoying Interaction Survival Books
Annoying Interaction Survival Books
The Jackass Whisperer Cover 125 Different "Types of Jackasses"
Coming into contact with people you dislike is an inevitable aspect of life, and those looking for tips on how to deal with those frustrating scenarios should equip themselves with The Jackass... MORE
Empowering Early Childhood Memoirs
Empowering Early Childhood Memoirs
The Book Kid Activists Boasts True Tales of Influential People
Written by Robin Stevenson and illustrated by Allison Steinfeld, ‘Kid Activists: True Tales of Childhood from Champions of Change’ was released in September of 2019. The publication... MORE
play_circle_filled AR-Enhanced Bookstore Experiences
AR-Enhanced Bookstore Experiences
Big Motive is Exploring How AR Can Be Deployed in Bookstores
It is no secret that the brick-and-mortar bookstore experience has been heavily disrupted by the widespread adoption of digital technology. It has been reported that between 2010 and 2016 the “... MORE
Unmanned 24-Hour Bookstores
Unmanned 24-Hour Bookstores
The Xinhua Bookstore Utilizes the 5G Network & Facial Recognition Tech
In 2019, a new 24-hour bookstore opened in north China’s Xiongan New Area. The brick-and-mortar destination was peculiar as it had no staff and instead consumers required a membership to get in.... MORE
play_circle_filled Actress-Written Children's Books
Actress-Written Children's Books
Sulwe Teaches Acceptance Through Representation and Positivity
In the new children’s book Sulwe by Lupita Nyong’o, the titular character Sulwe embarks on a journey of self-acceptance and celebration. The little girl with skin the “color of... MORE
Immersive Tunnel-Like Bookstores
Immersive Tunnel-Like Bookstores
BookXcess Boasts an AR Reading Experience for Children
BookXcess — “Malaysia’s first book tunnel concept,” is looking to enhance the reading experience for children through the implementation of a mini-maze, as well as Magic Books —... MORE
Dog-Inspired Alphabet Drawings
Dog-Inspired Alphabet Drawings
‘An Alphabet of Dogs’ by Cielle Graham is Intricate
Cielle Graham – a “French New Zealand” illustrator, debuts a book of alphabet drawings that are inspired by dogs. The publication is called ‘An Alphabet of Dogs’ and it features... MORE
30 Gifts for Bookworms
30 Gifts for Bookworms
From Bubble Architecture Books to Inspiring STEM Comics
These gifts for bookworms give a glimpse into the many educational, curiosity-spiking and even interactivity-forward options on the market. While some of these products are hyper-targeted, embracing... MORE
Multicultural Children's Books
Multicultural Children's Books
Maria de la Luz Reyes' Second Career Boasts Latino Children's Books
Maria de la Luz Reyes is a retired university professor who has pivoted her career to writing Latino children’s books, advocating for a more multi-cultural representation in youth literature.... MORE
Library-Inspired Eyewear Editorials
Library-Inspired Eyewear Editorials
Warby Parker's 2019 Fall Line is in Partnership with a Library
Warby Parker launches a stunning eyewear editorial for its core 2019 Fall collection which is built on authenticity and timeless design. For this release, the contemporary company enters a... MORE
Budding Boomer Ghostwriters
Budding Boomer Ghostwriters
Judy Katz's Retirement Has Been Translated to a Successful Ghostwriter
There are a few benefits to being a successful ghostwriter. For one, the job is largely freelance-based, which allows individuals to choose their own hours and balance the workflow with their... MORE
Heritage-Inspired Cooking Books
Heritage-Inspired Cooking Books
Anna Francese Gass Embraces the Tastes of the Heirloom Kitchen
‘Heirloom Kitchen: Heritage Recipes and Family Stories from the Tables of Immigrant Women’ is a cooking book that fuses traditional cuisine and storytelling. The author—Anna... MORE
Dedication-Themed Bi-Annual Magazines
Dedication-Themed Bi-Annual Magazines
GOAT Spotlights Caleb McLaughlin from Stranger Things
Caleb McLaughlin from Stranger Things is heading the third issue of the GOAT Group’s bi-annual magazine. The publication seeks to make strides in a multi-disciplinary manner by spotlighting... MORE
Top 100 Business Trends in December
Top 100 Business Trends in December
From Zero Waste Grocery Stores to Automated Salad Servers
The vast list of December 2019 business trends explores new and progressive ways that brands are practicing their overall business model. The new concepts explore conscious approaches to areas such... MORE
play_circle_filled Talking to Strangers
Talking to Strangers
Fascinating New Book by Malcolm Gladwell Releases Today
Today, superstar thinker Malcolm Gladwell launches his new book, Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know.  The book explores how our understanding of... MORE