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Publicity Stunts

Taking traditional marketing techniques to a whole other level, brands are turning to unexpected publicity stunts to captivate audiences in a more interactive manner. Offering the latest in participatory marketing, media engagements and promotional tactics, this category has everything you need to know to stay on the cutting edge of modern campaign strategies.
Office-Themed Burger Menus
Office-Themed Burger Menus
Good Fortune Burger's #RECEATS Menu Names Items After Office Supplies
Toronto’s Good Fortune Burger renamed menu items after common office supplies to help people expense food to work. The #RECEATS menu shares items like the Basic Steel Stapler (the Fortune... MORE
Mountain-Based Work Stations
Mountain-Based Work Stations
Coors Light's Out-of-Office Office is Located in Quebec
Coors Light’s Out-of-Office Office is making those aspiration video call backgrounds a reality. This new promotion from the beer brand understands that most consumers are experiencing a ‘... MORE
Annual Avocado Hand Insurances
Annual Avocado Hand Insurances
WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE is Helping with Preventing Pre-Game Pitfalls
The Avocado Hand Insurance has become a Super Bowl tradition for WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE and its fans. The campaign is said to “help fans prevent pre-game injuries related to their favorite Sunday... MORE
Drink-Holding Handwarmers
Drink-Holding Handwarmers
Panera's Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Glove Holds an Iced Coffee Cup
Panera’s Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl is a quirky creation that was created to help people hold their iced coffee in the winter and keep their hands warm. The bread bowl-shaped glove was... MORE
QSR-Branded Game Promotions
QSR-Branded Game Promotions
Taco Bell Canada and Xbox Launch the Xbox Series X Giveaway
Taco Bell Canada and Xbox recently joined forces to offer Canadians the chance to win the new Xbox Series X. Starting today until the 28th of February, every 20 oz drink purchased from Taco Bell (... MORE
Vaccination Center-Hosting Restaurants
Vaccination Center-Hosting Restaurants
Brewdog Wants to Speed Up Vaccination Delivery
Needless to say, the efficient COVID-19 vaccination delivery is of interest to many parties—from those who just want to see their friends under normal circumstances to business owners who have... MORE
play_circle_filled Futuristic Burger Campaigns
Futuristic Burger Campaigns
Burger King France is Sending the Whopper to the Future
Just days into a New Year, there’s no telling how 2021 will play out and Burger King France wants to ensure that at least one good thing happens by introducing the Whopper to the Future. The... MORE
Newspaper-Based Fire Starters
Newspaper-Based Fire Starters
Coors Light Constructed "Chill Starters" from 2020 Newspapers
People are looking for any way they can to send off the year that has been 2020 and Coors Light teamed up with creative agency Rethink to create Chill Starters that are designed to be lit up and... MORE
Outdoor Branding
During COVID-19, brands are emphasizing the importance of socializing outdoors
Trend - In an attempt to encourage consumers to socialize outdoors despite changes in temperature, brands are launching seasonal products and experiences that make COVID-19 restrictions a little bit more bearable. Playful in nature, these activations also reinforce government-imposed restrictions.
Workshop Question - How can your brand help consumers navigate COVID-19 lockdowns?
Top 100 Marketing Trends in February
Top 100 Marketing Trends in February
From QSR Burger Logos to Newspaper-Based Fire Starters
This list of February 2021 marketing trends explore the many ways that brands are connecting with their consumers through a plethora of platforms. They create engagement with their audience and... MORE
play_circle_filled Hilarious Margarita Giveaways
Hilarious Margarita Giveaways
Jose Cuervo Thanks 'Todd,' the Creator of National Margarita Day
Ahead of National Margarita Day on February 22, Jose Cuervo is thanking the unsung hero of the niche holiday – Todd McCalla. Todd is “a regular guy from Ohio” who happens to be the... MORE
Tequila-Infused Pizzas
Tequila-Infused Pizzas
Jose Cuervo Created 'Margarita Margherita' for National Margarita Day
Inspired by the increase in takeaway orders, Jose Cuervo created a special tequila-infused pizza for National Margarita Day called that’s fittingly called the ‘Margarita Margherita.’... MORE
40-Pound Cheese Blocks
40-Pound Cheese Blocks
Tillamook Created a 'Mother Loaf' for National Cheddar Day
To help cheese lovers celebrate National Cheddar Day in style, Tillamook created a 40-pound block of cheese called The Mother Loaf. The big and heavy block of cheese is an oversized version of... MORE
Romantic Dive Bar Promotions
Romantic Dive Bar Promotions
Miller High Life is Giving One Couple $20k as a Lifetime Bar Tab
With the romantic Valentine’s Day holiday nearly upon us, Milelr High Life is giving one couple $20,000 to cover their dive bar tab for life. In addition, the brand is also going to give the... MORE
Free Wine Texting Promotions
Free Wine Texting Promotions
MOVO is Ensuring You Don't Text Your Ex with This Giveaway
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, MOVO Wine Spritzers is ensuring you don’t text your ex with this new giveaway. The canned wine brand is encouraging fans to text to get “... MORE
play_circle_filled Gamified Super Bowl Ads
Gamified Super Bowl Ads
MTN DEW's New Ad Will Give Fans the Chance to Win $1 Million
MTN DEW’s new Super Bowl commercial, dubbed ‘Life-Changing Flavor,’ will feature wrestling superstar and actor John Cena. The gamified ad offers fans the chance to win $1 million... MORE
Dream Job Mattress Testers
Dream Job Mattress Testers
Sleepjunkie is Looking for People to Evaluate Its Mattresses.
Sleepjunkie, which describes itself as “a bunch of lifetime insomniacs who wanted something better than restless nights,” recently launched a new “dream” job. The sleep science and... MORE
Hilarious Smoothie Swag Promotions
Hilarious Smoothie Swag Promotions
Bolthouse Farms Ensures Fans Don't Get "Caught Naked" in 2021
Bolthouse Farms is offering free, nationwide delivery of smoothies and swag to help ensures its fans don’t get “caught naked.” From Zoom calls to screen shares to forgetting to... MORE
play_circle_filled Provocative Student Debt Exhibits
Provocative Student Debt Exhibits
Natural Light Draws Attention to the Staggering Cost of College
Natural Light Beer is shedding light on the staggering cost of college education in America with the launch of the world’s most expensive piece of art, dubbed Da Vinci of Debt. Appallingly, as... MORE
Snow Day-Inspired Beer Promotions
Snow Day-Inspired Beer Promotions
The Busch Snow Day Unlocks a $1 Savings Per Inch of Snow
In anticipation of the winter snowfall, Busch Beer is re-introducing the beloved Busch Snow Day promotion this year. For every inch of snowfall, Busch fans will unlock a $1 savings on select Busch... MORE
Unlimited Year-End Burger Menus
Unlimited Year-End Burger Menus
The Five Guys in The Dubai Mall is Offering Unlimited Burgers
If you’re a big burger fan, there’s no better way to end 2020 than with unlimited burgers from Five Guys. The only catch is that it will cost you about $400 for the opportunity. On... MORE
play_circle_filled Intentionally Revolting Burgers
Intentionally Revolting Burgers
Burger King Brazil Created a Bad-Tasting Burger to Reflect 2020
Aiming to capture the essence of 2020 with flavor, Burger King Brazil assembled a bad-tasting burger with only displeasing ingredients that only get even more disgusting when paired together. The... MORE
Nostalgic Vodka-Infused Juices
Nostalgic Vodka-Infused Juices
DrunkenD is Offers a Special Adult Version of Sunny Delight
DrunkenD is surely one of the biggest attractions at the All-American Pub—a sports bar in Charlotte North Carolina. Esquire reports that every Monday Night, “hundreds of people, mostly twenty-... MORE
Giant Hot Sauce Challenges
Giant Hot Sauce Challenges
Frank's Red Hot Tapped David Dobrik and Eli Manning
Even without an official Super Bowl ad, Frank’s Red Hot was able to generate buzz for its brand with a viral moment featuring YouTuber David Dobrik and former New York Giants quarterback Eli... MORE
Misprinted Limited-Edition Bags
Misprinted Limited-Edition Bags
IKEA Turned a Cloth Bag Mistake Into a Sustainability Statement
Misspelling usually creates a defective product that’s recalled and then goes to waste but IKEA Singapore took the opportunity to turn a mistake into a limited-edition cloth bag product that... MORE