This Street Art Draws Attention to Photo Manipulation

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: zeutch
A street artist recently used real-life Photoshop in an urban sticker campaign. The artist used stickers of the generic background to peel back advertisements, mailboxes, graffiti, and an official "do not enter" sign in East London.

The stickers act as real-life Photoshop to peel back posters, billboards, and advertisements. The campaign begs the question(s): Do we Photoshop, or are we Photoshopped? In a society constantly bombarded by tons of advertisements tailored to capture our attention at any cost, what is real and what is not? They allow the viewer to zoom out and see their world as a construct, questioning consumer society.

A model's matchless beauty seems suspicious once the sticker forces you to question it, and fried chicken doesn't look as appetizing once you think about how it's made.