Escape from Wuhlheide by Daan Botlek Depicts Daring White Silhouettes

 - Oct 31, 2014
References: & thisiscolossal
It can be argued that many graffiti tags are one-off pieces that may depict a story but cannot necessarily be considered storytelling street art. That is not the case when it comes to Escape from Wuhlheide. This work of art is made up of a series of pieces that depict a daring escape by white silhouette figures. As people follow them throughout an abandoned building in Berlin, Germany, it is hard not to feel a sense of suspense.

Created by Daan Botlek, the storytelling street art is a unique take on this particular form of art. He shares, "While wandering through Wuhlheide looking for some spots to paint the idea arose to make some sort of storyline of an escape."