This Anonymous Australian Artist Transforms Currency into Works of Art

 - Mar 26, 2014
References: bunchof5s.wordpress & lostateminor
Arnold Schwarzschenegger was a formidable Terminator, but the Governor of California couldn't hold a candle to Terminator Queen Elizabeth II -- doodled by an anonymous Australian artist on a five dollar bill.

The anonymous artist uses bold, eye-catching colours to visualize Queen Elizabeth in a range of pop culture parodies, all on five dollar bills. Her Majesty makes a stunning Catrina, idol of the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. She makes a dapper Finn, from the popular American cartoon Adventure Time, makes friends with Nyan Cat and is sentenced to decapitation by Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts; the royal family would not approve.

On one bill, Prince Charles is looking at the Terminator Queen Elizabeth a little suspiciously; perhaps he's allied with Skynet.