The Case Ma'Claim Secured Liberty Art Piece Pops Out at Viewers

 - May 9, 2014
References: sexyartcase & mymodernmet
The Case Ma'Claim Secured Liberty spray painting is currently on display for all to see in the streets of Frankfurt, Germany. Ma'Claim has captured with remarkable detail the outlines of caged birds and a man crouched just above the animals, holding them in his grasp with bare feet.

A series of bright colors and artistic touches make Secured Liberty appear as if it is literally popping out of the red brick wall. This photorealistic, 3D element is central to Ma'Claim's work which is recognized for its production of gigantic murals.

The title Secured Liberty may be interpreted in different manners. In one line of interpretation, the cage is placing a limitation on the freedom of the birds as they would otherwise fly freely.