Artist Fintan Magee Creates Surreal Murals That Focus on Living Things

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: fintanmagee & thisiscolossal
Imaginative artist Fintan Magee creates intriguing murals that depict people and animals behaving strangely. These street art installations can be found in South-East Australia. Some of these pieces take up both walls and sidewalks, which kind of allows passersby to step into these artworks. Magee's most recent murals are all surreal, and focus on living creatures, from people to trees.

One of these peculiar pieces features a family wearing boxes over their heads. One of these boxed up characters tries to float away while holding a bunch of balloons. Two of these murals are particularly intriguing, portraying professionals in unusual situations. One features an astronaut floating helplessly in water, and another features a lifeguard tangled up in a snake-like floatation device.

These bizarre murals are bright, and extremely eye-catching.