Artist Vermibus Vandalizes Billboards in his Dissolving Europe Series

 - May 22, 2014
References: vermibus.tumblr & beautifuldecay
Dissident graffiti artist Vermibus is taking Europe by storm in his billboard hacking series dubbed 'Dissolving Europe.' In the art series, Vermibus travels around Europe and subversively turns models featured in massive billboard adds into eerie dying corpses.

Vermibus cleverly gained access to cities and billboards around Europe with a hacked train ticket and a set of universal keys that conveniently unlock any billboard anywhere in Europe. From there, Vermibus sneakily updates the ads in bus stops, on billboard signs and posters on the street by turning the models' faces and bodies into corpses. His drawings are eerie, spooky and abstract with heavily dark undertones. Vermibus' mission is to show that companies trap faces inside of commercial billboard spaces to take away the identities of consumers by turning them into brand products.