From Social Donation Campaigns to Surreal Alzheimer Ads

 - Jul 22, 2015
These Latin marketing campaigns showcase a variety of innovations with broad applications. From awe-inspiring print ads that highlight the realities of harassment at work to bubble-bursting campaigns that speak to the effects of smoking, this traditional advertising medium is enlivened with dramatic and dynamic subject matter.

Eco billboards such as air-purifying towers that grow lettuce provide a solution while drawing attention to an increasingly important environmental concerns. Additionally, shocking print ads grab the attention of busy consumers and starkly draw attention to important social issues.

Brands often create dynamic commercials out of the footage captured at many of the dynamic activations and publicity stunts carried out in Latin nations. A great example of this is the dramatic commercial created from the campaign that saw the delivery of human-shaped ice sculptures across Sao Paulo in order to bring awareness to organ donations.