Shopping Itaguacu's Clothing Donation Ads Show Garments Moths Would Enjoy

 - Jul 15, 2014
References: & adeevee
These clothing donation posters created for Brazil's Shopping Itaguaçu encouraged mall visitors to drop off their clothes at designated locations, rather than letting unworn or ill-fitting clothes turn into food for moths.

Each of the print ads features different garments shaped into items of food, including a few rolls of sushi, a hamburger and a cupcake. The different textures on the clothing really makes the food-shaped clothing piles come to life. Some of the charming details includes buttons that look like decorative details on the cupcake and belts used to keep the sushi rolls in a cylindrical formation. The donation ads were developed for Shopping Itaguaçu by the BZZ Propaganda agency in Brazil and they are a clever way to show that clothing, like food, should not go to waste.