This Banksy Piece is a Commentary on Our Obsession with Smartphones

 - Apr 16, 2014
References: banksy & fastcocreate
Legendary British street artist Banksy's latest piece of art is a forlorn commentary on how the growing obsession with smartphones impedes human relationships and intrudes those rare, precious moments between two people that should demand their complete attention and focus.

The piece features a pair of lovers embracing each other while looking at their smartphones over each other's shoulders. The work uses dark colors, with the only brightness on offer being provided by the glow of the smartphone screens distracting the lovers' gazes.

The piece is so effectively done that simply looking at it causes one to be irritated at the extent to which the obsession with smartphones causes us to miss out on meaningful moments that should be shared with a person and not an electronic device.

The exact location of this profound piece of street art was not revealed by Banksy, who uploaded the photo to his website and Instagram page.