Jakub Skokan Sheds Light on the Artificial Nature of Zoos

 - Apr 22, 2014
References: zoolandscape.eu & designboom
Jakub Skokan is a Czech artist who aims to shed light on just how artificial zoos can be. In his latest series, the artist puts together works that are much more realistic as to what the actual environments are like for animals at a zoo. Instead of using backdrops of pristine wilderness with forested canopies, Skokan uses more desolate landscapes.

The interesting part about this artwork is how it manages to get across what these backdrops used to look like when they were in a more pristine condition. However, now the canvas appears to have faded, featuring streak marks in areas and just showing a lack of general upkeep. This is also a reflection of what can happen to animals at the zoo who aren't taken care of and fed properly. Photo Credits: designboom, zoolandscape.eu