From Wrap-Around Alert Billboards to Face-Mimicking Billboards

 - Oct 24, 2015
It's incredible what a blend of smart outdoor screens and clever advertisers can do for digital billboard campaigns these days. What used to be considered a static print ad on a large scale, now has the potential to be constantly changing to target different consumers.

These clever billboards have no limits, as seen by Samsung's latest advertisement for the Galaxy 6s Edge smartphone. Like the phone's design, the billboard wraps around the corner of a building, flashing different sentences to a passerby based on what's happening around the corner. Another ingenious campaign was put on by BMW, building lights that mimic the cars' new pedestrian-warning headlights into the billboard.

These digital billboard campaigns not only intelligently interact with consumers, but provide a memorable brand experience that they will not leave behind when they simply aren't looking at the ad anymore.