The 'Coke-Moji' Uses Facial Recognition Software to Copy Your Expression

 - Sep 19, 2015
References: & adweek
The 'Coke-moji' brings the love for Coca-Cola and emojis together with its new interactive billboard. A large screen in a subway station displays a bottle cap emoji that mimics passerbys' facial expressions through racial recognition software.

The interactive digital screen is used as part of the soda's #Makeithappy campaign. In choosing a subway station, Coke strategically chose a place where most people are to themselves and introverted. The Coke-moji is then juxtaposed against this self-oriented attitude which creates an interesting contrast.

The video captures the commuters' curiosity as they make faces at the screen. The simple emoji then copies the playful facial expressions to the delight of many. Placing the screen in a busy subway station is a great way for Coke to interest consumers who are constantly on the go, giving those who smile, a smile right back.