MTO Created a Series of Giant Murals That Depict Giants on the Sides of Homes

 - Jun 2, 2014
References: facebook & designtaxi
A French artist named Mateo, who goes by MTO, created a series of giant murals -- literally. Each mural showcases a giant that is accompanied with a short story.

For example, one of his paintings tells a story of a "giant" couple who want to kill him named 'Fred ILLE' and 'Gwen VILLAINE.' Fred is depicted on the side of a house as if he's trying to break in by smashing through the walls. Mateo illusively painted him that way to further prove that Fred is out to get him. Gwen on the other hand is gruesomely depicted as if she cut up and ate the artist.

Other giants are also clad on building walls and homes, but none conceal a backstory as intriguing as Fred and Gwen's.