This Mountainside Got More Vibrant with This Painted Snow Art

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: olafbreuning.tumblr & designboom
When the word snow drawing gets thrown around it typically means snow angels or something yellow created by a dog. These snow drawings are a little bit more involved and complex than those two and represent a vibrant use of Mother Nature's annual frosty gift.

Olaf Breuning is the artist behind this piece and the premise is pretty simple. The process was done with food coloring sliding down the slope where skiers had just skied. The snow drawing evolved on its own as well due to the weather's ability to shift and alter the image itself.

Breuning took a very simple concept and turned it into its own evolving piece of modern artistry and all it took was some food coloring.Photo Credits: designboom, designboom