- Oct 31, 2014
These winter tourist destinations range from frozen river eateries to mountainside hotel accommodations that are designed to impress adventurers and outdoorsy travelers.

If you're a fan of arctic excursions or extreme winter sports, you're sure to appreciate Alaska's hel-skiing hobby that will appeal to the daredevil who isn't afraid to engage in the adrenaline-filled sport. In addition to extreme sports, foodies will love Winnipeg's raw:almond eatery, a pop up restaurant that is built atop an icy body of water.

For those who aren't daredevils, Finland and Canada's ice hotels are a great destination to visit this winter. The accommodations are unique and will result in an unforgettable experience travelers won't soon forget. Moreover, tourists that love photography are encouraged to enter 'Alaska's Inside Passage Photo Expedition', a creative competition that is held by the National Geographic.

From Frozen River Eateries to Mountain Adventure Hotels: