The Alpina Dolomites is Elegant and Eco-Conscious

The Alpina Dolomites is a luxe mountainside resort that marries elegance with eco-conscious design principles. The hotel is located in the Alps of Seis am Schlern, a charming village in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige.

Sustainability and style are combined in this structure that is made using a combination of wood, stone and glass materials. The 5 star hotel's facade is designed by architects Marcello De Biasi and Karl Comploi and mimics the profile of the Alpine arc white its large rooms boast views of the surrounding Schlern valley landscape.

"The Alpina Dolomites Lodge harmoniously integrates with the surrounding environment, offering its visitors with wellness, health, fitness and beauty amenities." The resort's interior by Tauber Gerhard opts for a cozy atmosphere and makes one long for their next ski trip abroad.