This Stunning Self-Portrait Series by Christine McConnell is Surreal

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: christinehmcconnell & mymodernmet
This surreal self-portrait series by Christine McConnell follows this talented photographer while she performs a number of daunting tasks, all while looking radiant. In a few of these whimsical photos McConnell seems to be surrounded by clones, each doing a different chore. A lot of work went into this fantastic series, including sewing, baking, painting, and styling hair. McConnell claims that she was absolutely exhausted after she finished creating this intriguing self-portrait series, and rightly so.

In one of the most beautiful shots in this series, McConnell is seen sitting outside at night, in a beautiful white gown. She’s surrounded by candles, flowers, cakes, balloons and a whole fleet of foxes. This surreal shot has a serious Midsummer Night’s Dream feel to it.

This enchanting series approaches self-portraits from a stunning, almost magical angle.