From Morbid Model Captures to Stylishly Sinister Photoshoots

 - Aug 6, 2014
Eerie and morbid are not the first words one associates with a magazine editorial but these disturbing fashion features aim to push visual boundaries with their dark themes. Bloodied fighter photoshoots, morbid model photography and sinister goth captures are just some of the disturbing fashion features that are gracing the pages of top style publications around the globe.

In addition to selling glamour and femininity through their pages, publications like Vogue, Interview and V Magazine are also aiming to push style boundaries with images that stun and captivate their readers. These controversial and daring editorials illustrate a sense of fantasy and often stir up feelings of uneasiness.

Much like the clothes that grace these stories, their disturbing imagery is provocative and artful in its aesthetic.