'Dreaming of Another World' by Tim Walker has a Bizarre Beauty

Hauntingly beautiful is probably the best way to describe 'Dreaming of Another World' by Tim Walker. The enigmatic editorial features a series of stills in which the subject seems to take ghostly strides across the frames, amidst instances of levitation and a general air of surreal existence.

The gorgeous Guinevere van Seenus turns her winsomeness sinister. Styled by Jacob K., she wears an array of full-bodied gowns in deep and dark shades of blue and black. Her long hair has been teased and exaggerated to give her the look of a deranged diva. Decked in inscrutable facial decals, the model is read in a much more mysterious way, leaving little indication of a possibly possessed temperament.

Found in the Vogue Italia March 2011 issue, 'Dreaming of Another World' by Tim Walker leaves you wondering what realm the subject yearns for.