- Jul 12, 2013
These chic carnival couture looks are utilizing iconic fashion styles associated with circus acts, and modernizing them into 21st century styles.

Carnival clothing is often associated with flamboyant and colorful designs that you would normally see acrobats or clowns wearing. By incorporating the outrageous patterns and styling of carnival and circus couture, these modern fashion spreads are able to inject that eccentric and offbeat overall appearance into their clothing. What better way to portray a quirky and child-like theme into your designs than by referencing styles that you would ordinarily observe in carnivals and fairs?

From beachside carnival editorials to imaginative carnival couture looks, these chic circus-inspired spreads will definitely make an impact on readers with its strikingly surreal and playful designs.

From Eccentric Carnival Couture to Glamorous Carnival Photoshoots: