‘Reflection' by Martin Bing is a Glimpse into the Subconsc

 - Oct 25, 2010
References: martinbing & homotography.blogspot
The inner spirit takes full form in this ‘Reflection’ spread by Martin Bing. This enigmatic editorial was inspired by the concept of self and perception, giving rise to a realm where one can see himself just as he is. To intensify the idea and the strength of the images, Martin Bing has insisted that the portraits captured and the props used be entirely real, refusing to use digital manipulation for the final spreads.

The photographer says that "When I see my reflection, I see a person that no one sees but me. Other people see a person, when they look at me, but I am not that person, either." ‘Reflection’ by Martin Bing is a perplexing series of photographs from which you won’t be able to peel your eyes.