The Veit by William Lords Portrait Series Goes From Gym to Glam

 - Apr 14, 2012
The Veit by William Lords portrait series features the Soul Artist Management's fresh-faced model. Captured in Lords' studio, the buff model plays the role of stoic cage fighter, dressed in a mix of disheveled and comfortable sweats as well as clean cut and tailored classics.

This striking spread features alluring imagery that is both honest and raw. Veit is believable and authentic in his boxer role, looking pained and disheveled while wearing sweat-stained casuals and taped up knuckles.

For a different look, the versatile model cleans up, sporting crisp coats, sleek suited separates, vintage-inspired vests and smart shoe accessories. The Veit by William Lords portrait series showcases the up-and-coming model's star potential proving he can play a variety of believable roles.