From Wicked Warrior Editorials to Luxe Martial Arts Editorials

 - Oct 8, 2013
Fashion has a unique way of finding inspiration from the most unlikely of places, and these fighter-inspired fashion spreads are showcasing how such physical sports as boxing and martial arts can add such a fierce and dominating theme to editorials.

While warriors and fighters are often aspects associated with movies or what we see on television, these fierce fighter fashion spreads have creatively utilized those bold themes to add visually enticing aspects to their overall visual look. By incorporating clothing inspirations from such things as boxing and even samurai warriors, these fashion spreads are able to portray a very strong and unique overall appearance.

From striking samurai photoshoots to bruised boxer babe editorials, these fighter-inspired fashion spreads will definitely make an impression on readers with their eye-catching and feisty fighter inspirations.