GhostLove Premiers its Tribal Jewelry with a Stunning Lookbook

The designers at GhostLove Jewelry have released a lookbook filled with tribal jewelry from ‘The Amory’ and ‘Memento Mori’ collections. Model Cassie Meder wears a feather headdress, warrior face paint, and an abundance of totemic-inspired designs, like these awesomely intricate silver rings that go from the tip of your finger to your middle joint.

Meder also wears chain-link silver hand pieces, a long sword-and-shield combination necklace, a multi-layered bead necklace ornamented with skull figures, and rings with what appear to be horns protruding from them.

The shoot evokes the spirit of a quiet, mysterious warrior experiencing the calm before the storm. All the items are unique enough that they can be worn as standalone pieces, or they can be layered and mixed-and-match for a fierce look.