The VMAN Blood Sport Editorial Shows the Fashions of a Deadly Game

 - Oct 9, 2012
References: vman & vman
The VMAN Blood Sport editorial shows off the deadly art of Muay Thai and the sporty fashions that clothe the experts. Muay Thai boxing was created to keep disarmed soldiers lethal and dangerous. This brutal sport is popularly practiced in the Thai capital of Bangkok, where this editorial was shot.

Editorials like these remind viewers that fashion does much more than make people look good. Fashion is what people live, work, play and fight in. Clothes say a lot about who a person is and what they do, and in this case, it shows how athletic and serious the world of Muay Thai boxing is. The spirit of these fighters is the main focus of the editorial, and the clothes only accent this.

The VMAN Blood Sport editorial was shot by Nathaniel Goldberg and styled by Claire Richardson.