Pow! by Mason Poole Flaunts Foxy Fashion with Incongruous Couture

If you take little else than the piercing beauty of this editorial's model, perhaps Pow! by Mason Poole will confirm for you how mixing contradictory styles within one ensemble can sometimes serve you well.

Naturally, the stunning Amber Anderson would even look gorgeous in something as grotesque as a garbage bag, yet one can appreciate the grunge, fighter-style look she's sporting in these spreads as an indicator of the way such garments can be dress up. Or perhaps this piece is about dressing down?

A closer look will reveal that elements of each ensemble have been sourced from Dior, Fendi and Bottega Venita, mixed amidst more casual clothing by Puma and Nike. Styled by Sebastien Cambos, Pow! by Mason Poole really challenges the eye of the fashion guru.