- Mar 21, 2014
These angst adolescent photos are filled with young boys and girls clearly going through a few growing pains.

Teenagers are known to be some of the toughest people to deal with, and Hailey Clauson for Exit Magazine Spring/Summer 2012 completely embodies this notion. She's captured sitting in a shopping cart, presumably waiting for a few presents from the parents, but not quite getting her way. Each photograph shows her brooding unpleasantly, without really knowing what she's thinking. Other adolescent photos show a more tender side to youth, such as the Volt 'Just a Kid' editorial. It demonstrates that people at this stage in their lives can be fragile, and encourages onlookers to think twice before judging an angst-ridden teenager.

From Teenage Tantrum Editorials to Teary Damsel Depictions: