Edie Campbell by Viktor Vauthier has a Wide-Eyed Youthful Air

This editorial featuring Edie Campbell by Viktor Vauthier chronicles the activities of a young high school student. Despite the model having passed her 20th year, the girl's watery blue eyes and soft mousy hair give her the look of a fresh-faced adolescent.

Kate Lindsey did the makeup for this shoot in such a way that frames the subject's fetching features, applying nude hues and delicate powders to emphasize an untouched appearance. Roxane Attard cut the model's hair into long casual locks with straight and lengthy bangs that create an undeniably ingénue impression. The youthful fashions like private school uniforms, breezy blouses and dainty dresses of Edie Campbell by Viktor Vauthier infuse this issue of TANK Magazine with an engaging juvenile urbanity.