The 2013 Selfridges Pop Up Store by Bonsoir Paris is Retro-Futuristic

 - Nov 25, 2013
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To match the creative insight of those showcased in the Bright Young Things initiative, the 2013 Selfridges Pop Up Store focuses on a retro-futuristic design that bridges the gap between luxury and pop culture. It is made up of inflatable displays and marble accents that bring a different dimension to the space, not to mention aesthetic.

Designed by French studio Bonsoir Paris, the 2013 Selfridges Pop Up Store will capture people's attention immediately. The masterminds behind the 1960s-inspired space write, "On the one hand, inflatable plastic is a temporary material: a materialisation of the air that also refers to a childhood world. On the other hand, marble is a noble material, synonymous with luxury and timelessness. Its texture and pattern contrast with the transparent plastic." Thus they strike a balance between the two.