Clarins Promotes the Alien Eau Extraordinaire with a Virtual Assistant

 - Jun 3, 2014
References: clarins & retailtouchpoints
As Clarins gears up to promote its latest opulent fragrance Alien Eau Extraordinaire, the cosmetics brand offered customers the chance to interact with simulated shopping assistants.

Clarins teamed up with a company called Tensator to create these life-sized virtual women that were available to assist shoppers in three different department store locations in the UK. The virtual shopping assistants looked like real-life women adorned in elegant white gowns with an illuminating appearance. Each simulator stood at a striking 6-feet tall. The simulators' modern day goddess good looks were custom-designed to entice customers to interact with them. The simulators cleverly tie in with the Alien Eau Extraordinaire's majestic, unfamiliar and exotic brand image. Customers were extremely intrigued by the virtual simulations.