One London-Based Department Store Created a Fashion Drive-Through

 - Nov 24, 2013
References: selfridges & luxurylaunches
London-based department store Selfridges has unveiled the world’s first luxury fashion drive-through. I love shopping as much as the next person but the hassle of finding parking and then actually having to get out the car during these cold conditions is a enough to make me online shop all season.

Selfridges took those minor complications into detail upon its brilliant idea of ‘click and collect.’ The procedure is quite simple; drive up to the designated area alongside the department store where the stationed sales associated takes your order via iPad. Before you can even think about parking, you’re handed your bag of orders. Buyers are also given the option of pre-ordering online before hand and just making a simple pick up -- we’ll call this the McDonald’s way of doing things.

Fast, efficient and a lot warmer than walking across the parking lot into the store, the luxury fashion drive-through is a beautiful idea and just in time with the holiday season.