The ROLLOUT Holt Renfrew Walls are Youthful & Energetic

 - May 12, 2011
References: holtrenfrew & rollout
Holt Renfrew is an innovative Canadian retailer, so it was no surprise that when they needed some creative wallpaper for their Spring retail display, they turned to ROLLOUT.

Specializing in modern wallpaper designs, ROLLOUT created seven different storefront wallpaper designs to frame this spring's hot upcoming trends: colors, stripes, classics, tailoring, white, prints and neutrals. Ranging from cracked eggs to vintage sewing machines, ROLLOUT mastered translating fashion trends into intriguing designs to adorn Holt Renfrew's retail window walls. All nine Holt Renfrew stores can now be seen with these playful designs.

From typography to 3D components, ROLLOUT took the reins of this project and made something that truly catches the eye of every passerby. There are even milk mustaches on the mannequins in front of the milk-patterned wall!