Rear Boosting Thai Surgery

 - Nov 7, 2007
References: prweb
The latest plastic surgery phenomenon in Thailand is cosmetic surgery to enhance buttocks size.

A Bangkok clinic is suggesting the idea waist to hip ratio is 0.8; for example, a 26" waist would be ideal with 35" hips. At 0.6, a woman would be deemed overweight, any less than 0.8, and her figure would be considered childish or, worse, masculine. That's where the butt boosters come in.

"This service is relatively new in Thailand as full hips were not so popular before. However, ever since the Latino craze swept the entertainment world, the ideal body image has shifted to fuller, curvier looks as opposed to stick-thin ones," a press release for the Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic said.

"The procedure, when carried out by certified surgeons, takes only a few hours and has minimal risks. Patients are usually able to resume work in a matter of weeks. It takes about three months for the swelling to completely subside and for the implants to settle into their normal position."

Thai women are naturally petite, and often have very slender, straight bodies. As opposed to westerners who opt for surgeries that make them less curvaceous, an increasing amount of Asian women are seeking out alternatives to enhance the size of curves.

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