Gisela Ramirez Designs Daring Outfits for Plus-Sized Women

 - Oct 28, 2011
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Instead of hiding plus-sized women’s curves under layers of flowing fabrics, fashion designer Gisela Ramirez wants these women to embrace their bodies by wearing outfits that accentuate those curves. Although Gisela Ramirez’s designs are very daring, they offer plus-sized women choice when it comes the to fashion department; something that is still sorely missing in the industry even though there has been a recent focus on plus-sized women in the media.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Gisela Ramirez embraces tailored, stretchy fabric that shows off form instead of the opposite. Her collection is filled with leotards, crop tops and sheer dresses. Scrawled across her recent t-shirt line is the simple phrase, ‘F#ck Flattering.’ According to Gisela Ramirez, "F#ck flattering literally means ‘I wear what I want’. I think that kind of empowerment speaks to fat women."