- Jun 30, 2013
Until recently, clever corset designs and lacy bodices have been a staple of women's fashion. The 1950s and 60s showed a decline in these restrictive garments, as women donned slacks and blouses instead of large skirts and bodices. However, as Renaissance and Victorian fashion becomes more and more popular, both on the runway and in mainstream fashion stores, corsets are seeing a resurgence, demonstrated by the slew of corset-related products that have found their way into the closets of women (and men) all over the world.

For women who want to combine futuristic qualities with centuries-old fashion, there is an illuminated corset available, which acts both as a neon nightlight and as a piece of high-tech lingerie. Men can also get in on the corset action with a color-blocked "mirdle," which shapes the wearer's waist while looking fresh and fierce.

Corsets have influenced everything from baked goods to footwear, cementing themselves as permanent staples of feminine fashion. No matter how fashion progresses, corsets will be coming along for the ride.

From Futuristically Illuminated Lingerie to Sensual Newlywed Nibbles: